BK Fronto Natural Leaf Cigars Wraps 25 Ct
BK Fronto Natural Leaf Cigars Wraps

BK Fronto Natural Leaf Cigars Wraps 25 Ct

The natural leaf ensures an authentic and satisfying experience time and time again.
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Quantity: 25 Foils x 2 Wraps
Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Natural
Made: Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable and flavorful cigar wraps but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, the BK Fronto Natural Leaf Cigars Wraps 25ct are without a doubt what you need.  These Dominican wraps deliver all of the satisfaction that you’re craving, only without the high price tag.  In fact, they’ve been compared to more high-end varieties by cigar connoisseurs around the world.  The natural leaf ensures an authentic and satisfying experience time and time again.  You’ll receive a pack of 25, and each one provides you with a mild flavor. 

Try Fronto Leaf for Yourself

What is fronto leaf and how do you use it? If you’ve been wondering that, now is the ideal time to learn and experience it yourself. Fronto leaf is a way to wrap your tobacco for a smooth smoking experience. 

A fronto leaf wrapper imparts a rich, robust flavor. It comes in a resealable pouch for convenience. Most users create their own cigars with fronto leaves as the outer wrapper.

About Fronto Leaves

Fronto leaf packs of tobacco are a type of dark, air-cured tobacco. The leaves are hand-selected and carefully dried. The fronto dark air-cured tobacco wrappers are easy to manipulate, allowing you to enjoy an organic tobacco experience at home. 

Ready to place your fronto leaf order? Our site makes it easy to stock up and save. Let us be your online source for fronto leaves and all your favorite cigars and cigar accessories!

Si está buscando envolturas de tabacos de alta calidad, confiables y sabrosas, pero no quiere gastar mucho dinero, las envolturas de tabacos BK Fronto Natural Leaf Cigars 25ct son sin duda lo que necesita. Estas envolturas dominicanas ofrecen toda la satisfacción que anhela sin el alto precio. De hecho, los conocedores de tabacos de todo el mundo los han comparado con variedades de más alta gama. La hoja natural asegura una experiencia auténtica y satisfactoria una y otra vez. Recibirá un paquete de 25 unidades, y cada uno le proporcionará un delicioso sabor suave.

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